RANS S-12XL Airaile   (Kit)

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The S-12XL Airaile went into production in March of 1990 and has enjoyed a progressive evolution. Improvements to cabin comfort, durability, and performance are the direct result of working with user input. This is typical of the Airaile program from the beginning. The Airaile was designed to fulfill many foreign and domestic requests for a two-place pusher with side-by-side seating that was economical to buy, quick to build, easy to fly, and rugged enough to withstand the rigors of training. Over the years, the Airaile has earned a respected position in over 40 countries as the plane capable of fulfilling these goals.

Typical of RANS aircraft, the Airaile only requires a two-car garage and common shop tools and skills to complete from start to finish.



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