RANS S-19 Venterra   (Kit)

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The S-19 is a low wing monoplane of traditional aluminum construction, featuring a constant chord wing. This provides significant advantages in airframe construction and a good stall characteristic. The horizontal tail is a stabilator.

The S-19 is powered by a ROTAX 912 ULS engine producing 100 HP. The engine has proven itself reliable in years of operation. Other engine options will be explored, from Jabiru to Lycoming. The aircraft seats two in side by side in a 43.5” wide cockpit. Headroom is ample for even 6’4” pilots, and even larger with slight modifications.

The visibility over the nose is excellent due to the relative upright seat position. Baggage space is more than expected (enough space to carry two folding bikes!) Baggage can be carried in a 13 cubic foot compartment behind the seats with a loading capacity of 70lb. This already large compartment can be extended to the rear for approximate 9.5 cubic foot additional baggage space with a loading capacity of 30 lb.

The S-19 structure is of “monocoque” (stressed skin) carrying most of the strength through the aluminum skins. The skins are sufficiently supported with internal structure like bulkheads and stringers to maintain shape.

The airplane is built very sturdy and should provide a “lifetime” service with adequate maintenance.

High quality blind rivets are used throughout the construction of the airframe, with the exception of the spars, which come assembled with solid rivets. This eases the building process significantly, allowing mostly single person assembly. Blind rivets are an advanced form of construction popular among many designs of both higher and lower performance than the S-19. Significant reductions in build times are not only due to the choices in rivets, but the design itself is key into this aspect. The fit and finish of the parts allowing virtually jigless assembly, and many parts to final hole size accelerate and assure a high quality structure.

The S-19 may appear complicated, and high in part count, but we assure you the well machined components will assemble quickly, and with much lightness, due to the great care made in keeping things light. It is the real thing when it comes to a sheet metal plane, with little compromise to do it less than above standard. We are excited about what the S-19 represents, it is a sheet metal plane made with the famous RANS twist, a kit that you can build, even if you never held a pop-riveter before!



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