RANS S-6ES Coyote II   (Kit)

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The S-6ES went into production in April 1990. It is the second generation of the original S-6 design. Increased wing span through a fuselage redesign resulted in improved performance and appearance. The ES denotes "extended span". The design goals that the S-6 achieved represented a significant advance in quick-build kit planes. The S6ES series takes this goal even further. Using mostly all pre-finished parts and pre-sewn skins, the average build time is between 350 and 400 hours. Coyote II's can be built in the confines of an average garage normal shop tools and skills.

The new sport wing is now standard * and offers outstanding performance equal to the best of the standard wing and 116. With a 9:1 glide, the ES is off in a short run and cruising over 100 mph with 80 HP Rotax 912 UL. The roll rate is light and adverse yaw very minimal. The smooth presewn wings skins feature few seams, and offer equal to dope and fabric wings in performance. Because of the CNC stamped aluminum ribs the wing is not only a joy to fly but to assemble. The sport wing is the most advanced dacron covered wing on the market, with such features as a leading edge skin, and root rib tensioning.

Why has the S-6ES been so successful worldwide? Smart buyers know the real thing when they see it, and the Coyote II from RANS stands up to even the most discriminating. Since beginning production in 1989 the Coyote II has transformed the sport plane world. Being very popular in Europe and world wide, the design endures steady sales, and a large following. Over 1600 Coyote II's have been produced; this fleet of sport planes operates in over 50 countries. The conclusion is the S-6ES is a solid plane, and a solid investment. Coyote II's hold their value and are prized pre-owned aircraft. It is a sport plane of useable value, a tough trainer; some airframes have over 3000 hours. It can operate in the raging winds of Kansas; we still do demos when it is blowing in the 30MPH plus range. It can operate on desserts, float on lakes, or land at high elevations. The cabin is roomy fitting from 5'2" to 6'6", and weather tight. With the optional heater, fly year round. The Coyote II is the plane often copied but never duplicated. It is the plane that fulfills and defines sport flying to a "T", STOL, with fast cruise 105 MPH to 120 MPH, depending on wing and engine options, affordable, in a fantastically complete, well crafted kit, from a company owned and operated by the same folks since 1974.

Kits delivered as of 01/08: 1842 (includes Super Series)

* Early wings still in production for some countries.

The point of building from a kit is to have the convenience and value. Kit aircraft have as a whole come a long way since we started, and a much higher level of fabrication and completeness is present. We welcome this, because we believe the more provided, the more likely you end up with a plane that performs as per our claims. An kit that is lacking puts the builder in the design, engineer and fabricate role. That should be reserved for the those who build from plans. You as a consumer pay for a kit, not a surprise list of things you still need to buy or fabricate. I hope you enjoy the photo of the S-6S kit, and can appericate the level of finish, fabrication, and detail provide in our standard kits.



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