RANS S-9 Chaos   (Kit)

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Aerobatics is the intent of the Chaos, but the well behaved plane serves well for cross country or around the patch flights. Pilot workload is minimal due to the light control pressures. As with all RANS kits, the Chaos comes welded and pre-fabricated, reducing assembly time and increasing precision.The S-9 Chaos has been in production since 1986. The Chaos is popular the world over in aerobatic competitions and sport flying. A Chaos airframe is a perfect match for the new breed of powerful two stroke engines. A stock S-9 equipped with a Rotax 503 47hp engine is potent enough to compete in sportsman class aerobatics. S-9's have been equipped with up to 100 hp engines with spectacular results.

With full inverted capability, a Chaos can whip through an advanced routine leaving little doubt about the plane and pilot's ability to finesse the figures.



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